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Four Reasons You Should Go to Urgent Care

Knowing where to seek medical care for non-life-threatening issues can be a challenge, especially when you don’t want to go to the emergency room but can’t get in with your primary care doctor. Urgent care facilities like UrgentMed Care provide a convenient option, but it's essential to know what conditions can be treated there. Make informed decisions about your non-emergency medical care and learn about some of the healthcare needs that can be effectively addressed at urgent care. Visit us today!


Respiratory Infections

Urgent care clinics are well-equipped to diagnose and treat respiratory infections, including bronchitis and sinusitis. Experienced medical professionals can evaluate your symptoms, provide appropriate medication or breathing treatments, and offer guidance for managing your condition.


Sprains and Strains

Once checked in, you will be promptly evaluated by our experienced medical professionals. They will ask you about the reason for your visit and gather information regarding your symptoms and medical history. This assessment step is crucial in helping our medical team understand your unique healthcare needs and develop an appropriate treatment plan.


Minor Cuts and Burns

When accidents happen, urgent care clinics can handle minor cuts and burns that require medical attention. Medical professionals at urgent care facilities can clean and dress wounds, administer stitches or staples when necessary, and provide tetanus shots to prevent infections.


Minor Illnesses and Infections

Urgent care clinics are an excellent resource for treating minor illnesses and infections that don't require emergency attention. From cold and flu symptoms to ear infections and strep throat, medical professionals at urgent care facilities can provide accurate diagnoses, prescribe necessary medications, and offer guidance on managing your symptoms.

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Experiencing Any of These Problems? Schedule an Urgent Care Appointment

Urgent care facilities like UrgentMed Care, located in Orlando and Kissimmee, offers a range of urgent care services to address various non-life-threatening medical conditions. By choosing urgent care for these common illnesses and injuries, you can receive timely treatment, avoid unnecessary emergency room visits, and facilitate a smoother recovery. Next time you require medical attention for a non-emergency condition, choose our urgent care facility and experience the convenience and effectiveness of urgent care services! Find a location near you.

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