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Same-day Physicals in Kissimmee & Orlando

We Want to Help You Maintain Your Good Health

Many people find it challenging to schedule regular annual physicals with their doctor, only visiting the doctor’s office when sick or injured. A physical is vital for your overall health, allowing a doctor to examine you to ensure that nothing is problematic in relation to your body. A physical is also a good time to review with your doctor any worrisome ailments or changes in your body. Preventative care is important in maintaining good health. Furthermore, annual wellness exams are covered by most insurance companies in full, removing any financial stress from your visit.

In addition to annual physicals, we offer the following physicals:

  • Immigration Medical Exam
  • DOT Physicals
  • School & Sports Physicals
  • Corporate Physicals (Pre-employment and Employment)


DOT Physical Exam

DOT Physical Exam & CDL

The DOT Physical Exam is a requirement for drivers with a CDL and is performed by our Certified FMCSA Medical Examiner.

The DOT Physical Exam is valid for up to 24 months, and a medical examiner’s certificate is issued. Same-day physicals are available.


Immigration Medical Exam

We provide a trusted, quality medical exam for green card, immigrant visa and DACA applicants. USCIS Approved Physicians with over 20 years of experience to conduct Immigration Medical Exam (IME) at our Orlando and Kissimmee walk-in clinics. Immigration physicals include a full head-to-toe physical, vital signs check, and clearances for communicable diseases. Our doctors are professional, experienced and every medical report is reviewed. With our proven schedule, we have the report ready in 7 days or less. No appointment is needed, walk-ins are welcome.

Green Card Medical Exam
Workers Compensation in Orlando

Corporate Physical (Pre-employment & Employment)

Pre-employment physical exam for work and return-to-work testing are conducted by our professional medical staff. Pre-employment physical exams for work and return-to-work testing are conducted by our professional medical staff. These exams help your prospective or current employee(s) remain physically fit for the workplace, as well as protect you as an employer from possible injury compensation claims. We are available during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays.


School & Sports Physicals 

School and sports physicals at both our Orlando & Kissimmee locations. UrgentMed Care offers physical exams for your child to participate in a sports team, go to school, or get a checkup. We are available during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays. No need to schedule an appointment, walk-ins are welcome for your child’s physical. For children and teens, routine school physicals can help with reports and registration requirements. School and sports physicals for all K-12th graders. Immunization records are required at the time of the school physical.

School & Sports Physical

Why UrgentMed Care?

Quality Care Close to Home

We are an urgent care clinic in Orlando, and we provide services including school physicals, pre-employment physicals, DOT physicals, immigration medical exams, surgical clearance, workers’ compensation, and auto injury. Our services also include primary care services, wellness exams, X-rays, strep tests, and urinalysis.

Allow our professional team at UrgentMed Care to provide necessary medical attention at an affordable price for individual patients and families. From minor health issues to comprehensive care, our professional medical team is ready to assist you and provide you with the appropriate care. For your convenience, we provide you with high-quality care conveniently located in Orlando and Kissimmee.
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We offer many services designed to help you, including:

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Our team of professionals understands the anxiety and stress that come when visiting your doctor’s office. That is why we take special care to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with medical care. At UrgentMed Care, we work hard to ensure that your care is affordable and efficient. So come visit us and allow us to help you find the comfort that you need.

For more information, please call us in Orlando at (407) 658- 1719 or in Kissimmee at (407) 343-1919.